Bridesmaids in Boots

Somewhere in the wide, open west there is a place where brides wear boots without a hint of irony.  With the popularity of barn weddings, western boots instantly set the tone for a country-chic party. 

When I told my family and friends that my bridesmaids were going to wear boots, they were excited!  It’s a fun way for the each of the bridesmaids to have a little individuality.  Just look at these rustic wedding pictures…

bridesmaids boots - ivory dressbridesmaids boots - Navy dress

bridesmaids boots - blue dress

bridesmaids - brown boots

Country music icons, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s bridesmaids and groomsmen wore Old Gringo boots at their Texas wedding in 2012.

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert Bridesmaids

As you can see, one of the hottest emerging wedding trends is cowgirl boots.  Giddy Up!


KEEN on Summer Hiking Shoes


This summer, I’ve been trekking around in KEEN hiking shoes and I absolutely love them!  These lightweight shoes propel me up the trail and I’m instantly transformed in to an expert hiker. The rugged women’s shoes provide the needed stability and flexibility for all types of terrain.  The innovative, breathable KEEN.DRY technology allows my feet to breathe and stay dry all day.  When I get home, I simply spray down the shoes and they are ready for the next adventure.


The Official Style of the Kentucky Derby

Last year, my friend and I fulfilled our dream of attending the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY.  We spent the weekend watching the races and admiring the epitome of southern sophistication.  While taking in the sights, we noticed an uncanny trend sweeping Churchill Downs; people replacing their stylish derby hats with large pink foam whales.  After asking around, we were informed the Vineyard Vines booth was responsible for the whale phenomenon.  The grassroots marketing stunt was so impressive, I immediately wanted to know more about the brand. 

Vineyard Vines has an inspirational story behind the company’s humble beginnings.  The American apparel and accessory retailer was founded in 1998 by brothers Shep and Ian Murray. The two gave up the security of their high-paying corporate jobs to take a leap of faith and start their own business.  In pursuit of the “living the good life,” the brothers moved from Manhattan to Martha’s Vineyard and began selling their unique, colorful ties out of a Jeep.  It wasn’t long before the distinctive designs and the signature pink whales became an emblem of “the good life.”   In addition to creating fun ties, Vineyard Vines supports charities and organizations by creating symbolic patters that are “Tied to a Cause.” 

Vineyard Vines has been named the “Official Style of the Kentucky Derby” and offers a collection of prints named: “Run for the Roses,” “Churchill Polka Dot,”  “Lucky Julep” “Off to the Races” and “Down the Stretch.” This is the first clothing label that Churchill Downs has partnered with to create an official fashion collection associated with the Kentucky Derby.

The  brand offers a wide range of sportswear, polo shirts, tops, tunics, dresses, skirts, outerwear, hats, belts, bags, swimwear and sandals.  Everything you can think of for a day at the races or a day with friends. 

 Quotes by Shep and Ian Murray, CEOs and Co-Founders of Vineyard Vines:

  • “You might have to work at doing what you love, but it’s the best kind of work there is.”
  • “There is nothing like fining your spot in the sun.”
  • “Whenever we can, we try to bring something new to the table.”

Shoes for a Better Tomorrow

With every pair of TOMS shoes purchased, the company gives a new pair to a child in need. One for One: the motto for a movement to create a better tomorrow by taking action today. The company name, “TOMS” stems from the word “tomorrow” and evolved from the concept, “Shoes for Tomorrow.”

The company was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie (not a guy named Tom), an entrepreneur from Arlington, TX and a contestant on the second season of the Amazing Race. Mycoskie was motivated to start TOMS during a trip to Argentina. After witnessing the extreme poverty and the resilient spirit of the South American people, Mycoskie said he “…was instantly struck with the desire — the responsibility — to do more.”

Blake Mycoskie

The inspiration behind the classic TOMS’ shoe design came from farmers and civilians that wear the traditional Argentine alpargata shoes everyday. These rubber and canvas sandals have a glove-like fit that allows for ventilation. The comfortable alpargatas have been a staple of the Argentine culture for hundreds of years.

TOMS gave the one millionth pair of new shoes to a child in need in September 2010. The company’s non-profit charity, Friends of TOMS, gives shoes and works with charitable partners in over 20 countries.

women stitchouts

Suede Boots – Black or Brown?