Timeless Jewelry with an Edge

When I saw Ashley Schenkein’s jewelry at a local trunk show, I instantly became enamored with her simple, elegant designs. Based in Denver, Colorado, Schenkein traveled the world to find inspiration for her collection. Her handmade jewelry has a fresh and modern take on classic pieces. She uses organic shapes in a variety of asymmetrical compositions to create a distinct brilliance.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, Schenkein’s designs can take anyone from ordinary to chic in an instant.

These pieces are fun and easy to wear, featuring day-to-night necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. “With a sense of style that embodies individuality, confidence and beauty, Ashley Schenkein Jewelry Design is quickly becoming a favorite among style-setters from coast to coast.” – Ashley Schenkein Website


Rose Gold Bangle – The Perfect Gift

Ippolita: 3 Carino Bangle

Ippolita: 3 Carino Bangle

A rose gold bangle makes an unforgettable gift to yourself or for someone special.

This Ippolita bangle is simple, stylish, and sturdy; it makes the perfect addition to any outfit.

Ippolita - Multi Carino Bangle

Ippolita – Multi Carino Bangle