Vintage T-shirts with a Message

When you wear these soft organic T-shirts, you will bring awareness to the importance of protecting the environment by supporting local farmers and businesses.  With the resurgence of local agriculture, the T-shirts from Locally Grown Clothing Co. have a message. 

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The company’s principles are conveyed through their trademarked phrase, “Locally Grown” and the word “Locavore” — a person who eats locally grown food.  The Rooster logo represents a call to action, to remind us to WAKE UP and make informed conscious decisions about the products we buy and the food we eat.

Locally Grown Clothing Co. was launched in 2010 by Fred Scott and Kelsey Byus.  In two years, the company has grown from a Farmers’ Market  retail booth in Des Moines, IA to having more than 60 distributors in 13 states selling their apparel.  All T-shirts are made in the United States with organic, pesticide-free cotton, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, water-based ink for all graphic printing.


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